Best digital travelling companion


Yes indeed – work can be fun and rewarding in a variety of ways! That is what working at Ambientia, a digital operating environment expert company, seems to be like. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Ambientia established an office at Länsikatu in 2005. The company is growing at a fast pace and has an impressive clientele. In the course of a couple of years, Ambientia has become one of Finland’s best places to work.

-          “The success of our customers is the most important thing for us! We aim to create for our customers digital environments that will improve their competitive ability”, says Juha Katila, a UI designer at Ambientia. 

Katila has been working with Ambientia for a little less than two years. He is genuinely proud and enthusiastic about the company employing some of the best people in the field. “Great colleagues boost the entire work community; expertise and successes are shared.

-          We hope to get even more competent and friendly colleagues”, interposes Anna Jaurto, a project manager at Ambientia. She has been employed by the company for eight years.  Jaurto started at the Ambientia head office in Hämeenlinna and came to Joensuu via Helsinki.


-          “My work history describes well how the employer fluently allows people to move to new locations. You will get a wider perspective and get to know Ambientia employees in different parts of Finland”.


Anna Jaurto is a good example of how Ambientia enables its employees’ career development. Jaurto, who started as an intern, is currently the head of a team that works on portal and integration projects.

According to Jaurto, another example of the employer’s flexibility is the fact that employees can also work remotely – either temporarily or as a more permanent arrangement.

For the customer

Digitalisation is a top priority in almost any industry. With Ambientia, your transfer to the digital era will be safe – they always finish what they start and never leave you in the lurch. Digitalisation and the need of customer companies to boost their operations are some of the reasons why Ambientia has grown so fast. Its growth has also been assisted by its inclusion in the list of the strongest companies in Finland, the success ranking of Kauppalehti magazine, Deloitte’s list of fastest growing companies and the top of the Great Place to Work competition.

-          The financially challenging times have increased the demand for digital services. “Our customers earn money with the applications we create. It is by no means an exaggeration to say that we really love technological efficiency – agility, speed and fluent communication with customers.  The work is about cooperation between people, not about IT jargon”, Anna Jaurto explains.

Versatile competence

Digitalisation of business, application development, online services and online trade, service design. Ambientia offers many new technologies in its customer solutions. The same also applies to many of its competitors, but Ambientia stands out from the crowd with its competent employees.

-          “We aim to bring together the best possible factors in all of our customer relationships. Agility is also the key in this respect: we do not have any cumbersome layers of bureaucracy. Almost all of our application developers are in direct contact with their customers. Easy communication is really important”, Juha Katila points out.

Ambientia is constantly on the lookout for competent people. At present, the most wanted expert is a full stack developer, a person with a wide range of skills: instead of being an expert of a narrow field of technology, a full stack developer is able to fluently switch from frontend to backend, and speaks the same language as the customers.

Without withholding praise

Ambientia turns 20 this year, and there will celebrations of the occasion in autumn. The company also has reason to celebrate because it was very successful in the Great Place to Work competition early this year: it finished 22nd, which is clearly better than the year before.

-          “The competition has been very rewarding and beneficial for us. Ambientia genuinely wishes to develop itself as a place to work. The executives listen to what the employees have to say and have proven that they are quick to react as well. People wished for more investment in training, which took place”, says a pleased Jaurto.

“One example of the investments in the development of the employees’ skills and creativity is Ambientia’s own ShipIT Day.

-          It’s a day when you can do interesting things that do not fall under the scope of your current projects, or even things based on a hobby of yours. Something inspiring and rewarding that motivates all of us”. Employees of Ambientia are also encouraged to participate in a variety of Hackathons where people from the field create innovations in a competitive spirit, on software and digital services.

People are often encouraged and praised at Ambientia. In addition to employees with exceptional IT skills and a creative approach to their work, employees who take care of their physical and mental wellbeing are rewarded.


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